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Geographical Coverage

Dupharm covers all the seven emirates of the UAE through its qualified, experienced and motivated team of medical sales executives, pharmacists and biomedical engineer.

1. Health Authority – Abu Dhabi, HAAD is responsible for regulating the healthcare industry and     developing Abu Dhabi’s health policy.
2. Abu Dhabi health Services Company, SEHA is responsible for managing government owned     healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi. Currently, SEHA manages 57 Primary Health Care Centers, 13     Hospitals, 3 Maternal and Child Health Centers, 3 Specialized Dental Centers, one center for Autism,     and 5 Specialized Facilities like rehab, blood bank and herbal center.
3. Dubai Health Authority (DHA): for public and private healthcare facilities in the Emirate of Dubai
4. Ministry of Health (MOH): for public and private healthcare facilities in the Emirates of Sharjah, Ajman     and the rest of the north Emirates, also few public facilities in Dubai like Al Baraha Hospital and Al     Amal Psychiatric Hospital.
5. Zayed Military Hospital.
6. Private Hospitals and Medical centers.
7. Group and Individual Pharmacies.
8. Blood Banks
9. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah Municipalities.
10. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah Crime laboratories.
11. Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense.